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Sulcata Owners

A Sulcata tortoise owners community
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This is a community for Sulcata owners to ask questions and share information about the problems and solutions that they have dealt with over the course of owning a Sulcata toroise.

Owning a Sulcata is a unique and challenging experience, one that we all can use help with sometimes. Please feel free to post photos and appropriate links to things pertaining to Sulcatas or Sulcata care.

The rules of this community are as follows:

1) Pictures larger than 640X480 (640 pixels along the longest axis) will be posted behind an lj-cut tag.

2) Pictures exceeding 150K will be posted behind an lj-cut tag.

3) When posting numerous images, please post 1 and the rest behind an lj-cut tag.

4) We are all here to learn, and attacking other members will not be tolerated. So be nice!

5) Do not advertise/promote, or otherwise spam with invitations to other communities; Do not advertise/promote, or otherwise spam with links to post(s) within personal LJs, or at personal web sites.

6) Do not post off-topic. All posts made must be at least tortoise-related. Off-topic posts shall be removed with little/no warning.

Have fun!

This community is maintained by msmagenta. Any problems or questions can be directed to: msmagenta@livejournal.com
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